Trailers, Interviews, Sound Design, and other Videos

Video Trailers and Interviews

Bronx Journal TV Interviews

Interview for the Bronx Journal TV with I.C. Will, assistant principal of KIPP Washington Heights Middle School and a conscious rapper whose hip hop music is creating wide spread influence.

In this segment for the Bronx Journal TV Professor Rees Shad, chair of the Hostos Media Design Program talks about how the curriculum in design, animation, digital music, and gaming have impacted his students and about the various projects he has worked on.

David Lightfoot, member of the Hip Hop Re: Education Bronx/ Berlin Project and music DJ, shares his experience about recording Hip Hop in Germany and the connection he made with students there.


Created this trailer using Final Cut Pro 10 for Silverdraft mobile truck.

Trailer made for “The Adjustment Bureau” starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.  Music by Lana Del Ray and Mackelmore. Edited using Final Cut Pro 10.

Other Video Projects

This video is dedicated to all Breast Cancer victims, survivors, supporters, and all those involved in helping to find a cure. My friend, Sasha Pineda, directed this. I was the executive producer, Sailor Jupiter, and one of the sound engineers. The idea is to show that both men and women are at risk for breast cancer. Even superheroes need to check themselves.

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