Less Free Time During Freelance

Hello Readers,

BRONX, N.Y.- Long time, no write. I want to update all of you on why I been M.I.A. on the site. Since January I have been doing freelance work for a digital magazine and blog called Her Culture. It’s a beautiful team of female writers informing their audience about everything from travel destinations to social issues. I recommend reading some of the great articles they have on the site. The link is provided below:


In February, I was contacted by Ralph Andre via LinkedIn. He offered another freelance writing opportunity to be a blog writer for his upcoming website CANVAS. CANVAS is an app available on IOS that helps people locate amazing street art in New York and New Jersey. My job along with the other writers is to interview the street artist and discuss their impact with street art culture.

So now with the freelance gigs, I write almost three to four articles a month. Within the time I got hired for these gigs and the research and interviews, I noticed I left my personal blog behind. It saddens me that I lost track of this part of my life. I have so many great ideas and interviews coming up for the site, including a new overall look.  My main goal is to schedule everything in order, so I can have time for my readers here on the site too. I thank you for still sticking by me during this exciting and yet chaotic time. These two gigs give me the experience needed to move up with my writing career. You can check out the recent blog post I wrote for her Culture in the link below, along with the digital magazine. Until then, los amo! 

Her Culture Magazine: http://www.herculture.org/currentissue

Her Culture Blog Post: http://www.herculture.org/blog/2017/2/10/the-struggles-of-a-female-dj-in-the-music-industry#.WL3BYWNiCqA 


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