Making A Stand For Women Brick x Brick

NEW YORK, N.Y- How would you feel if a man had come up to your wife, mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, godmother, aunt, or best friend and had told them every misogynist insult you could think of?

“Bimbo, slut, whore, dog, disgusting animal. Grab them by the pussy. As long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass. Miss Piggy.” -Donald J. Trump

Yes, the republican presidential candidate said these words and a lot more about women. This man does not deserve to be in the White House with offensive language coming out of his mouth. Sarah Sandman and Andrea Lauer decided to take a stand and use Trump’s words and ideas against him. Brick x Brick was then created, and the response from other women and men has been phenomenal.

Photo: Arianna V. Olivo

Brick x Brick took a stand in front of Trump Tower Columbus Circle last Sunday, with more than 40 women in brick jumpsuits or wearing all black. Patches were made with Trump’s ignorant comments to create a wall of brave women standing up to his misogyny. In silence, hand in hand, we stood and faced the crowd to come.

Photo: Jeffrey Brandsted
Photo: Jeffrey Brandsted

Some Trump supporters walked away and gave us cold stares. Then there was the flow of support from other women and men that gave us more strength to stand in the chilly wind. A spoken word piece woke up the New Yorkers and tourists to our cause.  Applause, cheers, smiles, and a flood of thank you’s enveloped the movement. This was more than a protest to those of us in the jumpsuits and vests. Its a chance to make our voices heard. Sarah Sandman began a chant and still holding hands, the wall became a chain of hope.

From Columbus Circle we journeyed two by two to Times Square, spreading our message as loud as we could. More women cheered in support as the NYPD escorted us safely to our final stop. From there it was dance time. We grooved to The Commodores She’s A Brick, energizing the crowd surrounding us. There was another five minute silent wall before breaking apart for the day.

Photo: Rosa Elena Oliveras

Hugs went around from people in the crowd who loved what Brick x Brick was doing. Sarah and Andrea were proud of all of us. The movement doesn’t stop here in New York City. Brick x Brick has created walls in many states and there are still more to come. Let’s make sure Trump does not sit in the oval office. Join us in making a difference.

For more information on how you can join Brick by Brick visit the official website and like on Facebook:

ATTN: Video

Now This:

Photos by: Jeffrey Brandsted, Arianna V. Olivo, and Rosa Elena Oliveras

Video: ATTN Video, Now This


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