Finale With Familia (Days 10-13)

Our final days in Florida were great and relaxing. I spent more time with my family and went to different places. Alondra got to roller-skate and enjoy old town with Cenet and Claudia (my cousins). Cenet later took us out to Abracadabra. The ice cream is made right in front of you with all the ingredients and toppings, then frozen with nitrogen. It’s awesome and delicious! Alondra tried to get along with Poly, but that went sour due to her fear of birds. Fifi was a great comfort to her.

Cenet, Claudia, and Alondra playing Trouble.

Cenet gave me a great art project using poster boards. I was assigned to draw a groovy bus for a birthday party in September. It will be a 60’s theme. Took me a good two hours but I accomplished it.

The cranes visited everyday and so did the usual thundercloud. Tio Raul worked hard in his beautiful garden. He has an amazing green thumb. Titi Tere gives Poly a wash down everyday so the heat does not dehydrate his feathers. Its not like Poly enjoys the bath very much but he does not try to escape either. Claudia and Alondra played together outdoors in the garden and did crafts while it rained. Alondra was gone by day 12 since her flight left the day before Gil and I did. Helen and Ivonne visited for a while and brought over more family friends.

Bath time for Poly
Little Devin

On our last night, Gil and I packed our things slowly. It was sad to know our vacation was over and I was going back to the concrete jungle. I will miss the palm trees, the interaction with animals, my family, and the friendly people (the heat I will not miss at all). Tio Raul drove us around with Claudia and Fifi. We were dropped off at a flea market to explore. It had rained heavy during the afternoon. A double rainbow appeared at the end of the storm and to me it was the perfect closure to our adventures.


The next morning Tio dropped us off at the Orlando Amtrak station. It was difficult saying goodbye to my family and I can never thank them enough for what they did for us while we were there. A small, white dog visited that same morning. Titi Tere explained to me that she visits the house often and belongs to the neighbor. We drove past Pulse nightclub before arriving at the station. I sent a silent prayer to God, asking for the recovery of the survivors, and for the eternal rest of the 49 victims. Gil and I watched Tio drive away before boarding the train. As our train left Orlando, I reflected on the past two weeks. Going back to home will feel so different now that I had a change of scenery. Many inspirations have come from this trip for Gil and I. Thanks for everything Florida!


With Titi
Orlando Swag




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