Friends and the Water Park (Day 4)

The heat index was still over 100 in Florida the day I met Collin and David in Kissimmee. Collin studied music with Gil in City College and happened to be in the area. He picked us up with his fiancee, David, and away we went to eat at a great arepa place. While we waited for our food, breaking news was broadcast on a flat screen television about another  unarmed African American shot by a Caucasian police officer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We discussed how the police violence was going too far with cases involving unarmed men. There is no reason to kill someone. None.

Gil and Collin

After the wonderful time we spent with Collin and David, they dropped us off at my aunt’s place. We spent time with Fifi who really got a liking to us. An hour later Ivonne and Alondra came to pick us up for a day at the water park in the Villa. Alondra sucks at reading a GPS so we got a little lost on the way. Our friend  Nemi was at the Villa waiting for us with his stepmother and niece. I sprayed on more suntan lotion, switched to my bathing suit, grabbed a towel, and walked to the park.

The water park had a variety of slides, pools, and a lazy river. We did the lazy river first where I learned seating yourself in a round inflatable tube is more tedious than it seems. The water of course was warm, but enjoyable. The slides were awesome as well. Alondra, Gil, and I practiced swimming (we are getting better). Sadly our day was cut short due to an approaching electrical storm. The lifeguards blew their whistles to get everyone out the water.  Back at the Villa we all cleaned up. Pizza was ordered, a new game of UNO was played while others watched TV, and time was spent with good friends.

Fun at the Water Park in Westgate. Photo by Elena Morales

Photos by: Rosa Elena Oliveras, Gilberto E. Burgos, Elena Morales


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