Fireworks “Celebration”(Day 2)

This Fourth of July Gil, Alondra, Helen (my cousin), Ivonne (my Godmother), and I got together with our cousin Serafin to see the fireworks at a place called Celebration. Huge mansions, fountains, and a small marketplace where those with a higher income live by Disney World. It was like stepping into a new world right in the middle of Orlando. The day was muggy and humid, but at least the rain made a slight difference earlier.

Before we went to Celebration, Serafin lent Alondra and I bikes for us to ride a few laps around his neighborhood. I did not think I would make it to four laps with the heat index over 100, but Alondra pushed me forward. We returned to the house drenched in sweat and I found Gil in the same condition. He had been doing batting practice with Serafin while Helen and Ivonne watched. After relaxing for an hour we arrived in Celebration.


The fireworks were amazing and reminded me of home. Macy’s fireworks spectacular was happening in the same moment. I got to see it with Papi last year. Bright explosions of red, white, blue purple, pink, yellow, and orange expanded through the sky. The sound vibrated though me as I watched in awe.


Once the fireworks ended we went to Starbucks and caffeinated ourselves. We spent more time with Serafin while everyone enjoyed their drinks. He got Alondra into a word puzzle app. I looked up at the night sky and saw stars. The lights in the city does not allow me to see much of them. It was a great way to end our Independence Day.

My Cousin Serafin

Photos: Rosa Elena Oliveras

Video: Rosa Elena Oliveras



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