Cool Off After Salesmen Attacks (Day 3)

Westgate Villas, where your time share gives you a place to stay during vacation and the sales representatives never take no for an answer. At least that’s how the day felt. Goodness did we get the run around just to get discounted tickets for the theme parks. Helen, Ivonne, and Alondra stayed in a two bedroom, three bath apartment thanks to a family friend (Nemi). The Villas even include a water park and other great services, but when it came to purchasing our tickets we got a big surprise.

Not only did we get a full tour of the Villas, but sales representatives hounded us to buy time shares. There was no way we could get the discount without some kind of purchase. As much as we said no, more people came to fill the company quota. The frustration was real. After debating for hours we managed to get the tickets. We did take some photos with a Minions prop to let off some stress.

Part of Westgate Villas


Awesome Batman Design

Most of the day was wasted on trying to dodge the time share sales so we took a dip in the Jacuzzi and one of the 14 pools the Villa had. Neither is a refreshing idea when the water is warm due to the Florida heat, but we had a good swim. Once we showered, fed some ducks (whom Alondra named Perry and Terry) and had a coffee break, all of us took a drive to Disney Springs, which is part of Walt Disney World.

Perry and Terry
Disney Springs
House of Blues
Disney Quest
Candy Cauldron


Superhero HQ
Star Wars Shop

When I came to Florida nine years ago, this place was known as Downtown Disney. So much has changed since then. Cinderella and Aurora are no longer at the entrance. Planet Hollywood is gone, and so is the Virgin Mega store. At least the House of Blues is still there and Cirque de Solei. Marvel, Star Wars, and other mainstream corporations have taken over. It felt different to be there and not in a good way. I did enjoy being in the stores and checking out a few Disney merchandise. Alondra got to complete her main goal that night, she bought a light saber.


Photos by: Rosa Elena Oliveras and Gilberto E. Burgos


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