Vacation in the Sunshine State

Hello readers! I just want to say how much I appreciate all the love and support I have received from all of you. Just knowing that people look forward to my posts means a lot to me and inspire me to continue this amazing blog/ website and become a better writer. With that being said I will be M.I.A. on Normal Is Overrated for the next two weeks.

Its been four years since I had a real vacation and lat year I decided 2016 will be the summer I get to go see something new. Me, Gil, Alondra, my Godmother (Ivonne) and my cousin (Helen) planned out a trip to Orlando, Florida to visit Universal Studios and explore Hogwarts. Friends and family will also be visited. The entire trip will be documented through photos and video so some exciting posts will come out of it. This will also be my first time taking a long trip on the Amtrak train (I have a huge fear of flying on an airplane).

This will not be my first visit to Florida, but my third (this is Gil’s first time though).To be able to see palm tress for a while instead of concrete skyscrapers will feel like a blessing.   My family is excited to see me there. Even in the wake of the Pulse Nightclub shooting I want to try to have the best time possible and at the same time find more of myself in a different setting. “Self Discovery” are the words engraved on the MyIntent bracelet and I continue to do that. I am ready to say Adios to the Bronx for a while and Hola to Orlando. Will post more soon and have a safe Fourth of July weekend!


Rosa Elena.


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