A Rainbow of Inner Peace

Last Sunday afternoon after watching “Captain America: Civil War” with my cousin, godmother, and Gil, I got home in time to hear the rain falling hard against the glass of my bedroom window. The clouds were dark at first and then in a matter of minutes they broke apart to let the sun shine through. Una bruja se estaba casando because it was still raining with the sun out. Once the wind died down I went out to pick up an order of food. Imagine my surprise when I saw a rainbow in the sky, its arch expanding past the other buildings in Highbridge.

To many of you the rainbow may not seem like a big deal, but for me it was something I needed to see. I have had a rough few months, cried a lot, and have held in a lot of anger. I went through major life changes. I was drowning in the waters of my own dark storm and to see the rainbow was a huge relief. To me it was God’s way of saying “everything will be okay.”

To me a rainbow is more than a painting of colorful light or a promise from God to the world. It means peace and hope to me. I see them often when I visit Puerto Rico since it rains there almost everyday. Rainbows are rare in New York City. I took the rainbow as a sign to find inner peace in myself. To let go of the anger I have bottled up in my soul and release it in a creative way. I have not had the time to write in my journal or work on my art and music due to all these negative emotions clouding my mind. Day by day I will do my best to release this anger and move on to find happiness for myself.


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