Happy Holidays Everyone!

To my readers,

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season with your friends and family. I have been wanting to post more but it has been chaotic this month. Between holiday shopping for loved ones, religious events, birthdays, decorating, catching up with medical appointments,and a few empty rolls of wrapping paper I have been busy.

I do want to share the awesome job Mami and Alondra have done decorating the apartment with holiday cheer. The decorations have been up since a few days after Thanksgiving and will come down after 3 Kings Day. The door outside cannot be too festive due to a stupid rule from the new landlords about wearing off the paint with tape (honestly the paint color sucks. It looks like a mix of crap and pumpkin vomit. What a Grinch!). Other than that my place looks close enough to a Bloomingdale’s holiday display.





Dog Stocking
Santa’s Laundry
Our Tree
Holy Family
Dancing Santa

Noche Buena was really interesting once the coquito and Jello shots kicked in. I am ecstatic my homemade holiday gifts worked out. The kids loved the books given to them so they can get lost in their own little adventures. I got some cool clothes, fuzzy socks,  new bed sheets, jewelry, a coffee mug,  and a music box.

The best thing was spending Christmas as a family. Even pets got gifts. We celebrated the birth of Jesus once midnight hit and then partied some more.  The spirit of the holidays was strong this year. Whats important is not the materialistic thongs, but the people you spend time with.

Happy Holidays everyone! Feliz Navidad!


Rosa Elena

Photos by: Rosa Elena Oliveras.


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