When A Loved One Loses The Holiday Spirit

Thanksgiving is upon us tomorrow, and before you know it Christmas and New Years have passed by (holiday season is not over at my place until Three Kings Day). Its the time of year where you give thanks for the things you have, and spend time with family and friends. For the past 12 years my dad has lost this spirit. He does not enjoy the holidays and I cannot figure out why. I  have only seen him smile during this time of year when he has had a little too much to drink.

One theory I have is that his mother (my abuela) passed away when the holidays were just about to begin, and his heart has not accepted that. There could be more to it, but he won’t talk about it. I don’t push dad about this issue, but it does sadden me to see him sit by the window during a Christmas party and ignore the world around him. He smiles, but its not genuine.

I understand there are people who don’t celebrate certain holidays. My dad used to enjoy them, but over the past few years his emotions about it have gone to a dark place. I love the holidays and I am not one to force my preferences on someone else. All I am asking from my dad this Christmas is an explanation, or at least a real happy smile.

So my readers, I am asking for some advice. What can I do to bring back the Christmas spirit in my dad? How can I restore this into someone who closes up when asked why he won’t join in on the celebration? I have tried almost everything. Thank you.


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