A Walk In Roosevelt Island

ROOSEVELT ISLAND, NEW YORK, NY- I went to Roosevelt Island for the first time last month. Yes, I am a New Yorker and have never visited Roosevelt Island until last month (sue me!) Gil had gone before so he showed me around. Its like a little slice of harmony away from the noisy city life. The tall skyscrapers surround the island, but at least there are no crazy drivers to worry about. The water gives the island a serene environment and I love all the green space. My only regret was not having my bike to ride around. A skyline also takes you between Roosevelt Island and 59th street.

roosevelt-view-1 roosevelt-view-2

It was a pleasant walk. I got to see baseball fields, soccer fields, two dog parks, a few shops, restaurants, playgrounds, and plenty of boats sailing by. Lots of people walked their dogs. Gil and I found an exercise playground and we tried out a few things. There were also some awesome sculptures. We found in the main plaza a sun dial and The Octagon, which used to be a mental asylum back in the 1800’s.


Sun Dial

playground-roosevelt roosevelt-ststue-1 statue-roosevelt-2

Our visit had to be cut short due to prior arrangements, but at least I can finally say I have been to Roosevelt Island. Eventually I will go back and explore the rest of the island.

Photos by: Rosa Elena Oliveras.


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