Power Against Breast Cancer

Today is the release of a very important video titled “Power Against Breast Cancer.” It is to raise awareness for both men and women to join the fight against this monster that affects us all. The cosplayers and production team have been affected by breast cancer in some way, shape, or form. My mother is a breast cancer survivor and is thankfuly still in remission.

I want to thank all the cosplayers who participated in this video. You are the real heroes. To one of my best friends, Sasha Pineda, for helping me make this idea a reality. Thanks to the awesome production team whether you assisted in filming or audio production. To breastcancer.org for providing the statistics. Thanks to those who are doing what they can to fight this cancer and for inspiring me, all of us, to make a difference. Please share this video with the hashtag #PowerAgainstBreastCancer. It could save a life.



Arrow- Marvin Lopez

Flash- Arsenio Garcia

SpiderGwen- Samia Fakin

Zatanna- Julienne Garcia

Agent Peggy Carter- Mariet Guerreo

Wally West- Kenneth Hollant

Spiderman- Benjamin Diaz

Anarky- Tristian Scatliffe

Arsenal- Cris K. Morales

Wonder Woman- Armenian Amazon

Green Lantern- Derick Alford

Crow- Louis Carrasco

Sailor Mars- Jasmin Morales

Sailor Jupiter- Rosa Elena Oliveras

Catwoman- Nicole Agosto


Director/ Video Editor- Sasha Pineda

Executive Producer- Rosa Elena Oliveras

Camera Work- Sasha Pineda, Louis Carrasco, Arsenio Garcia

Casting Director- Arsenio Garcia

Photography- Joel Rivera, Jimmie Harrison

Audio Engineers/ Producers- Gilberto E. Burgos, Steven Ramos, Rosa Elena Oliveras, Stefan Jacques

Music- Sean Hooks, Jeffery Justice, Stefan Jacques, Gilberto E. Burgos, Steven Ramos

Special thanks to BreastCancer.org and Central Park Conservancy.


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