10 Reasons To Watch “Jane the Virgin”

Season two of “Jane the Virgin” premieres October 12, 2015 at 9pm on the CW network. Why am I blogging about this particular TV show? It’s changed a lot on how shows are done and I have to give the writers a lot of credit for how well the story is told. Here are 10 reasons to catch up with the show before the season premiere.

  1. The Narrator

Yes, the narrator (voiced by Anthony Mendez). You don’t see him, but his Latin Lover voice is always around throughout every episode. Not only does he recap the previous episode for you in a typical fast- paced style, but he also adds his own opinion to the events unfolding for Jane and the rest of the cast. It is like having a personal commentator without the instigation. The narrator doesn’t move the story along like most voice overs. He reacts to all the drama with you. Best creativity I have seen for a television show.

Photo: Facebook.com/janethevirgin
  1. Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez plays the protagonist Jane Villanueva. The story revolves around her and the accidental insemination that got her pregnant. What’s the catch? Jane is a virgin. Rodriguez plays her role well and it’s easy for women to connect with her, especially the Latina community. Rodriguez starred in the movie “Filly brown” (alongside late Mexican singer Jenni Rivera) before landing her Golden Globe winning role as Jane Villanueva.

  1. Jaime Camil

For those of you who grew up watching telenovelas like me, you are familiar with Jaime Camil. His most well know novelas are “La Fea Mas Bella”, “Las Tontas No Van Al Cielo”, “Por Ella Soy Eva”, and “Que Pobres Tan Ricos”. He has also starred in various Latin American films. Jaime Camil is now crossing over to Hollywood with his role as Rogelio De La Vega. Not a big surprise Camil plays a telenovela star in the series. He does an amazing job and gives you tons of laughs throughout every episode.

Gina Rodriguez and Jaime Camil. (Facebook.com/janethevirgin)
Gina Rodriguez and Jaime Camil. Photo: Facebook.com/janethevirgin
  1. Parody of a Telenovela

Sticking to the topic of novelas, “Jane the Virgin” technically is one, but without the constant sappy atmosphere. It is based off of the Venezuelan telenovela “Juana La Virgen.” You have your protagonists, villains, supporting characters, drama, and of course no novela is complete without the huge slaps to the face. The show combines the drama of a novela with comedy, and it works!

Photo: facebook.com/janethevirgin
  1. Spanish Language/ Culture

What I love about this show is the integration of the Spanish language and culture. That’s right, it’s bilingual! Jane’s grandmother, Alba (played by Ivonne Coll) speaks only Spanish. Subtitles are included when she speaks. The food, music, religious traditions, and dancing are all about the Latino/ Latina culture. Who doesn’t love sofrito in their dishes? This is also a great way for the characters to connect with the audience.

  1. Big Celebrity Guest Stars

Can’t go wrong with guest appearances in a show, but when is it often a big name in the Latino/ Latina circle? “Jane the Virgin” wins. Season one has had Colombian singer/ musician Juanes, Mexican pop star Paulina Rubio, Puerto Rican actress Rita Moreno, and from Spain singer David Bisbal. Season two so far has pop performers Britney Spears and Kesha booked.

Paulina Rubio (facebook.com/janethevirgin)
Paulina Rubio Photo: facebook.com/janethevirgin
xo and juanes fb
Juanes Photo: facebook.com/janethevirgin

7. Feminism

Besides Jane’s pregnancy, the story also revolves around Jane’s mother, Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) and Abuela Alba. These three generation of women have gone through it all from teen pregnancy to immigration. It’s the way they handle their situations that say “Girl Power.” They make their own decisions. Some of Xiomara’s choices are debatable, but at least we have Alba and Jane to balance everything out. What little girl wouldn’t want to have Jane as a role model? She works hard to accomplish her dreams, supports her family, and even with the accidental insemination she still decides to wait until marriage before losing her virginity. I am thankful these Latina actresses are not playing the stereotypical roles such as a maid or housewife. Solidarity chicas!

Photo: facebook.com/janethevirgin
  1. Important Topics

The show also discusses important topics that affect the Latina/ Latino community. Each episode has a specific theme; teen pregnancy, growing up, religious traditions, terrible suegras, love, parenthood, family, and cultural identity. The biggest issue the show brought up was the immigration reform. Kudos to the writers for waking everyone up with that one.

Photo: Huffigtonpost.com
Photo: Huffigtonpost.com
  1. Trends and Writing Creativity

“Jane the Virgin” keeps up with tech savvy trends. The characters not only communicate vocally, but you see them texting. The text screen appears in some episodes. There is also the hashtags for certain situations that will pull a giggle out of you. Jane aspires to be a writer so each episode is a chapter, and the beginning text is in typewriter font so it feels like you are part of an interactive book.


10. Award Winning

“Jane the Virgin” has won various awards. Gina Rodriguez got the Golden Globe after only nine episodes aired.

  • America Film Institute (AFI) Television Program of the Year
  • People’s Choice Award: Favorite New Comedy
  • Golden Globe: Best Actress- Television Series Musical or Comedy (Gina Rodriguez)
  • Peabody Award
  • Imagen Award: Best Primetime Television Program- Comedy
  • Imagen Award: Best Actress- Television (Gina Rodriguez)
  • Imagen Award: Best Supporting Actress- Television (Andrea Navedo)
  • EWwy Award: Best Comedy Series
  • Ewwy Award: Best Actress- Comedy (Gina Rodriguez)
  • Photo: Goldenglobevariety.com
    Photo: Goldenglobevariety.com

If you really haven’t caught up with this awesome show, now is the time to do it.


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Photos by: Jane the Virgin Facebook, Huffington Post, Golden Globe Variety, and ForEveryYoungAdult.com.


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