Latina Magazine

I am not someone who enjoys reading magazines very much. A books beats any other publication for me. Imagine my surprise when I found myself reading Latina Magazine and enjoying their content. My mom loaned me one of their issues while I was bored in a waiting room for one of her appointments. The cover had a Latina celebrity on it and it was written in English. When I looked through the pages, I was surprised it wasn’t a tabloid.

Latina Magazine
Latina Magazine

Latina Magazine has a lot to offer for Latina women. They highlight important topics like finances, statistics, art, music, food, beauty, fashion, travel, health, crafts, love, family, parenting, television, technology, and social media. There is a big article on whoever is on their cover, and other interesting feature stories. I love reading Dimelo, which is an advice column and Inspiring Latinas.

I ended up subscribing to Latina because their writers always have something different to offer. I admit I do not often look at the beauty and fashion pages or the numerous ads. Everything else I do read if it really catches my interest. I got to give this magazine a lot of credit. Its the only one I read. As a kid I did not see any magazines on the news stand that I could relate to. There was no one on the cover pages that represented my culture or even wrote about it. Latina has changed that for a lot of women. Thanks for all the hard work chicas!

Photo by: Rosa Elena Oliveras


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