How Keeping a Journal Has Helped Me


At the age of 14 I began keeping a journal. In the beginning it was just to keep a record of what I did almost everyday. As I began to fill up more notebooks, writing became an escape for me. It has had so many benefits for me both as a writer and as a human being. Who would have thought that writing down my thoughts would help me organize the clutter in my mind?

When I was in elementary school I hated writing. I look back to that time and see now that it was the rules I actually despised. Yes, writing does have rules, but I do not like to be told what to write. What I love about keeping a journal is that its free writing. No rules, no judgments. Just you, a writing utensil, and a notebook.

Here is what I noticed on the journals I have kept. First, my chicken scratch got a lot better. At least its more legible than from ten years ago. My thoughts are more organized when I write. Since my memory is not exactly the best archive for any great or stupid moments I have had, I can look back to my old notebooks and read what happened that day. Then there is the best part of keeping my journals; the writing ideas. As a writer I have found this so comforting. The best writers have kept journals to express themselves. I do the same. I used to draw in my journals, but now the pictures stay in my mind unless I use my sketchbook. I even have a separate music journal for events, gigs, concerts, and other music related adventures. explains the benefits of keeping a journal with this list:

  • Regular writing has mental health benefits
  • Keeping a journal helps harness your creativity
  • Even if you don’t do creative work, regular writing has practical benefits

Source: Henry, Alan. “Why You Should Keep a Journal (And How to Start Yours).” Life Hacker. 19 March. 2014. Web. 11 Feb. 2014.

The article also talks about the different mediums writers can use to start a journal and even about blogging. Journals have become a huge part of my life. Hopefully it can help you, my readers, find your creative sides too.


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