The Beginning of the End

LEHMAN COLLEGE, BRONX, NY-I started my first day of class about three weeks ago at Lehman College. Now why is this so important? This was not a regular day for me. As I walked through the gate of the Kingsbridge entrance, I realized “this is my last semester here.” That’s right, I graduate in December with my bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism. Whoa! How did two years go by so fast?

I remember how I fell in love with this campus while I was still trying to earn my associate’s. I went to see Prince Royce at the concert hall with my mom and godsister. I loved how the campus was so big and seeing all the activites being planned on the boards. When I got my acceptance letter the semester I was to leave Hostos, I celebrated.

Lehman baseball field
Lehman baseball field

Adjusting to life at Lehman was challenging. I had to figure out where everything was, make new friends, familiarize myself with my Lehman email, and learn the underground tunnel system. I thankfully had some friends who transferred from Hostos like I did to show me around. The hardest part of adjusting was figuring out where I belonged on campus. Eventually I discovered that my second semester.

The multimedia center was like a safe haven for me. I met amazing people there, made close friends while taking classes there, and built a professional relationship with my professors. I got training in camera work, writing news articles, producing television segments, editing videos, learned to blog, made improvements on my audio engineering, and developed interviewing skills. My internship with the multimedia center was amazing as well. Not only did I advance in my sound design techniques, I got a behind the scenes experience on running a theater production. I got a huge dose of experience for live sound. I did so well for the theater department that BronxNet hired me to do live sound for the 2014 graduation commencement.

Learning camera work
Learning camera work

Now its my last semester. I won’t be focusing on journalism courses this semester, but my liberal arts classes are more for improving myself. American sign language, fiction writing, business writing, art and observation, and Bronx- beats are all classes I chose to give myself better advantages. I am also back at the Lehman College Underground Radio station so I will be producing my own radio shows soon (might as well end the semester with a bang). Will I do commencement in 2015? No. I had that experience already helping BronxNet. I intend to celebrate my graduation with close friends and family.

Here I am with my friend Jeff in a video about our last semester.


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