“Bailando” with Enrique Iglesias

CENTRAL PARK, NEW YORK, NY- The sun had just risen. People began to scream with excitement as they watched the TV and audio crew set up the Central Park Summer stage for “Good Morning America”. GMA was preparing for one of their biggest music events of the summer… Enrique Iglesias!

Natalia had invited me about two weeks ago to attend this morning concert VIP style. Although I am not a morning person, I did not want to miss the opportunity to see Enrique Iglesias front row at a free concert. I have been a fan of his since I was a little girl. He has always done good shows whether he performs in English or Spanish. I was grateful for this, and the struggle out of bed was worth it.

GMA Summer Stage
GMA Summer Stage

Summer Stage was full of the GMA crew when we got there. Cameras were being calibrated and checked, mics were tested, and the lighting went according to where the rays of the sun hit. There was a light breeze in Central Park, so it didn’t feel so muggy. While Enrique was preparing backstage, the “hype man” for GMA was getting the crowd ready. He asked for volunteers to get on stage and sing. Natalia was hesitant at first, but her courage soon blossomed and she decided to go for it. Luckily, she was picked! Nat got on stage, and sang “Hero”. She was nervous, but did a great job and got a roar of applause. She was really brave to perform in front of almost 5,000 people.

Natalia on Summer Stage
Natalia on Summer Stage

Finally the moment everyone was waiting for arrived. The band played music, and Enrique Iglesias came out for rehersals. The crowd went crazy. He was in comfortable clothing and handled the audio problems really well. He is really crowd friendly, jumping down from the stage to greet his fans.

rehersal mic-stand

Once the rehearsal was over, Enrique went backstage to change, and then the real show began. To our surprise, Sean Paul and Descemer Bueno joined him to perform Bailando. My feet moved along with the song. I couldn’t help it. Enrique also went into a fan favorite, Hero. Nat smiled since that was the song she performed a few minutes ago on stage.

Sean Paul
Sean Paul

Enrique was interviewed by one of the GMA hosts. He was really chill throughout the whole thing. Seeing the hosts interview him made me happy I got into broadcast journalism, The only difference is I rather do interviews on the radio. I feel more comfortable behind a mic than in front of a camera. Being able to interview one of my favorite artists will be amazing.


Nat and I had an amazing time at the concert. Seeing one of our favorites performers up close was something else. Balloons were bounced all over the place for his final performance I’m a Freak. Moments like today is what inspire me to keep pushing towards my journalism dream.

Enrique-best-shot EI-ballons


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