The Bronx Journal TV Experience

LEHMAN COLLEGE, BRONX, NY- When I first started out as a multimedia journalism major at Lehman College, I never thought I would be writing, producing, and hosting television segments for the Bronx Journal TV. Writing articles, typing blog posts, editing photos, and mixing audio never prepared me for this. My professor and the two producers of the Bronx Journal TV were serious with my class when they told us this is a real television show that is broadcast on BronxNet. The Bronx Journal is a student- run television show in which guest are brought in to talk about what they do that impacts the community of the Bronx.

I really loved that my class collaborated with the studio production students. They handled the cameras and mics in the TV studio and the effects in the control room. My class was in charge of bringing in guests, writing, producing, and hosting TV segments. In the first three weeks, I got training in reading from the teleprompter, tips on writing an introduction, interview questions, and booking guests. Then I was on my own. I wrote introductions for each of my guests, and with revisions from my professor, got the questions down.

I was one of the first students to bring a guest in. My friend I.C. Will stopped by to get interviewed about his music and what he hopes to accomplish with his Hip Hop movement. I practiced my intro with the teleprompter. I don’t like reading from it at all, and to be honest being in front of a camera makes me nervous. I prefer working behind the scenes. I got the mic attached to me and the ear piece in. Sadly the ear piece was giving me signal problems so I had trouble hearing the questions the producers were telling me. I.C. Will helped make my first interview a bit easier. The students were really interested in what he had to say, and by the end of the segment, my nerves were gone.

Rees Shad was the second guest. He was my professor and runs the media design programs at Hostos Community College. Even though he was a little under the weather, he connected with my professor and was excited for the interview. We discussed the media programs, the impact it is having for students in the Bronx, and his professional achievements. The segment was informative and it was great reconnecting with Rees. There were no issues with the ear piece this time, just that my producer forgot to read me my questions. I managed to wing it well. I also ended the segment a minute early. Time is important when it comes to recording broadcasts. That was on me for misunderstanding the director, but my classmates told me I did a great job, and so did Rees.

My final guest was my hermano and fellow Danger Twin David Lightfoot (he also goes by DJ DLITE). Although he was nervous, I managed to convince him to come in the studio and talk about the Bronx- Berlin Connection from the Hip Hop Re:Education Project. He got comfortable and talked about his experience in Berlin, Germany, how the project impacted him, his role as a DJ/artist, and when he helped arranged a recording session with German students at Hostos Community College. We got through the questions quick, so I had to start improvising again. David is my partner when we DJ together so having him as a guest was awesome.

The experience with the Bronx Journal TV was fun, but I prefer to be behind the cameras and working the sound board. Being in front of a camera lens does not feel natural to me. I did gain important skills with this workshop, and each segment recording had its bumps, but I got through them. I am thankful for the guests that participated and the support my classmates gave me.


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