Neighborhood Profile: Highbridge

This is Highbridge from the 4 train platform at 167th street.
Highbridge from the 4 train platform at 167th street.

HIGHBRIDGE, BRONX, NY- A few blocks from Yankee stadium is a little neighborhood called Highbridge. Highbridge begins at the start of the Bronx side of the Manhattan bridge, and ends at the Grand Concourse. Apartment buildings, local businesses, schools, churches, and parks make Highbridge a decent community to live in.  64.3% of Hispanics live here. 46.6% being male, and 53% female. The biggest age group are children under 5 years old (8.6%). Dominicans make up the majority of the Hispanic ethnicity at 52.1%, while Puerto Ricans make up 28.8%. (NYC Census 2010)

Two of the major public schools in this neighborhood are P.S. 126 Dr. Marjorie H. Dunbar elementary,  and P.S. 011 William T. Harris elementary.  I attended P.S. 126 from kindergarten until sixth grade along with the other young adults who are now my age. The school now runs until fifth. Currently is was ranked a performance grade of a D. P.S. 011 also runs  K-5. Their current performance grade is an A and they have an enrollment of 738 students. sacred Heart School is the biggest Catholic School parish in Highbridge. Its on the same block as the Church, which was constructed in the neighborhood 100 years ago. St. Francis of Assisi is the partner parish of Sacred Heart.

The 44th Precinct has so far accounted 13 felony assaults in the Highbridge area and one murder.  Normally in the summer, gunshots and firecrackers are confused. There has been a decrease in the crime rate of this neighborhood according to NYPD Crime Statistics. 86 sex offenders live in this are as well.

Adults in Highbridge have an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Children have an increased risk of asthma. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was a month old, so I believe this statistic from the Department of mental Health and Hygiene. Highbridge also has a the highest death rates related to HIV/AIDS and an elevated rate of STD’s.

Although the unemployment rate of the Bronx is 12.2% (NYC Department of Labor), local businesses like pizzerias, barber shops, beauty salons, pharmacies, bodegas, small clinics, and restaurants have remained open. I enjoy the Chinese restaurants and Anthony’s Pizza.

A snow covered Highbridge. The view from my bedroom window.
A snow covered Highbridge. 

Photos: Rosa Elena Oliveras, Rosaura Oliveras


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