Nicholas Spark’s Ride in NYC

Nicholas Sparks's new romance novel
Nicholas Sparks’s new romance novel

UNION SQUARE, NEW YORK, NY- Barnes and Nobles opened their doors last Thursday in Union Square for a huge book signing event. As the seats filled in on the fourth floor, the excitement overtook the many fans waiting for one of the best romantic novelist of our time… Nicholas Sparks! Sparks was in the city to promote his latest novel The Longest Ride, which was released on September 17, 2013. As he walked onto the platform, fans cheered, took photos, and applauded. Nicholas Sparks took a seat and was interviewed by another writer (whose name I currently can’t remember). Sparks spoke about his book, the writing process, and what inspires him to write such beautiful love stories. when asked why does he make people cry when they read his novels, Sparks replied “I want my readers to experience all emotions while they are reading the story. Love is the most powerful emotion there is, but there can’t be love without sadness.”

This explanation makes sense with his first novel The Notebook, which is now a successful film. Sparks says he likes to right his novels as if he is writing a screenplay, and wants his readers to connect with the characters. A Walk to Remember, Message in a Bottle, Dear John, The Last Song, The Lucky One, Nights in Rodanthe, and Safe Haven have also been made into films. Nicholas Spark’s then got to signing his books and greeting his fans.

signing for the fans
signing for the fans
he had a successful night at Barnes and Noble
Nicholas Sparks

Photos: Rosa Elena Oliveras


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