Intro about me and this blog

Hey everyone!My Long sneakers

Let me start out by saying who I am. My name is Rosa Elena. Most people call me Rosa or DJ. Yeah, I’m a female DJ people (and proud of it!). I grew up surrounded by music my whole life, especially Latin music since my family is Puerto Rican. I love all genres of music though, and when I blend them together, the feedback is amazing. I also have a love for all mediums of art; painting, graffiti, craft, photography,  you name it. I do a little art myself from time to time. I love to read and write. I do a little of everything (expect cooking).

So why start a blog? Well I am studying broadcast journalism at Lehman College, so I thought to myself “what the hell, let me post some of my writing up here.” If I get feedback; great! If not then whatever lol. I am not your normal woman, and I don’t want to be. Normal is overrated. Why be like everyone else? The world would be boring if everyone was the same. So I will do random posts from time to time and hopefully you will be entertained. Well…. that’s it. Post questions if you have any.


Rosa Elena.


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